Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8bit Videogames

I'm sure all of you older folks (80's, 90's kids) remember the games like Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. As a 90's kid myself, I loved Super Mario and these other NES games. I spent hours playing them infront of my TV and trying to save the princess from the castle. :D
Now lately I've gotten addicted to those games again. I downloaded Super Mario to my computer and now I can't get myself away from it. I love that nostalgia feeling that comes when playing it.

Those were the days. :)


  1. I still remember mario's easter eggs ;-)

  2. commodore 64! BUBBLE BOBBLE now that was a game!

  3. I can't get back into the 8bit games. There's just too much of a difference for me. (picture-less text adventures aren't that bad though)