Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I just recently got a Playstation 3 Slim. I've had it for a week, works perfectly. Props to Sony for making such a good gaming console franchise. Currently, I have 2 games on it: Grand Theft Auto IV and Motorstorm. Both incredible games. I'm really enjoying the storyline of GTA. Really good.
I have a HDTV, but no HDMI cable yet. I ordered one online for cheap. Good HDMI cables can cost a lot. But they're worth it. Compared to the standard video output cable that comes with the console, HD cable is a definite winner. The video is just so clear.

What other games I should get for the console? I heard that the new Fallout game is coming out soon, I think I'm buying that, looks amazing. I also loved the other 3 of the series.


  1. Well if you liked the GTA game, you should definitely check out red dead redemption. Think of it as Grand Theft Auto...on a horse. It's fantastic.

  2. yeah I saw a video of it the other day. It seemed awesome. Definitely buying it.