Friday, October 15, 2010

Space tourism

Just read this article, it's pretty amazing. Space tourism only months away :O

King, a 41-year-old Irish businessman, is one of hundreds of travelers who've signed up and trained to be among the first paying passengers aboard Virgin Galactic's trips to suborbital space -- 62 miles above the Earth.

"One of the reasons I'm doing this is precisely because I want these things to be ordinary," King said. "Part of the problem with space travel is that it is special."
King believes the $200,000 he and other passengers pay for a seat on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft will help create a new future when "flights like this are happening every week, when lots of people go, and the cost has been massively reduced due to the economics of scale."

Prices are coming down, even before space tourism has started taking off.

Really cool

Check out the pics there too.


  1. It looks awesome.
    But when are we going to get our own space ships...I want to drive about space like I do around town :P

  2. im sure when im older il visit space at least once

  3. I'll stick to staying on Earth for now!

  4. space tourism would be so great.
    but i guess it will forever be out of reach for the "normal" people.

  5. I wish i could go, but unfortunately im poor!

  6. hmm. i wonder how long they stay up for 200k. can't be too long. massive waste of money imo.

  7. Ive wanted to see what being outside the planets atmosphere is like for a long time now so this post makes me really happy